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Multiple Output Signals: PA System, Full-Range Monitors and More

When playing our Axe-Fx, we want our sound to get out to the audience of course, but we also need to hear ourselves play! The Axe-Fx III has more I/O than ever before, and we can use the multiple outputs to send signal to various places at the same time, like the PA system, a stage monitor, or any other speaker setup – each with their own separate volume control.  There are different ways to do this, and this article focuses on Full-Range systems like Powered speakers, Studio Monitors, or PA systems, as opposed to a guitar amp head and guitar cab.

Connecting to PA Gear

Gear used in this article: Axe-Fx II (Original, Mark II, XL, XL+) Also applies similarly to the Axe-Fx III and AX8 The Axe-FX II is a very flexible piece of gear because we can use it with almost any type of sound device available - PA speakers, Guitar Amps,... is not affiliated with Fractal Audio Systems in any way. This is not an official support site of Fractal Audio Systems. We are an independent team who appreciates FAS Gear and likes to help others.

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