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Author: Chris

Preset Makes No Sound – What Do I Do?

Timestamps for the video: 0:35 – EMPTY Cab Block; 4:41 – Modifiers; 8:59 – Low Level in a block The Axe-Fx II allows users to export and share presets they’ve made with other Axe-Fx II users. You can download and search for presets on the Axe-Change, or you might download a preset from the FAS forum. Sometimes a preset you install onto your Axe-Fx II loads ok, but there is no sound. Here are the 3 most common reasons: Cab Block has an Empty User Cab selected The Axe-Fx II has a bunch of Factory Cab simulations available in the Cab block,...

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What is “Scene Mode” on the MFC-101? How do I turn on “Scene Mode”?

There is no Scene Mode on the MFC-101. There is also no Scene Mode on the Axe-Fx II. Scenes are always “on” or “active” with the Axe-Fx II, so there is no mode to enable or turn on. Every Preset of the Axe-Fx II loads Scene 1 by default. If you never use Scenes 2-8, then you technically are using “Preset #xxx, Scene 1.” Therefore on the MFC-101, loading a Preset with a Preset switch loads “Preset #xxx, Scene 1” as well. However, many people confuse the Reveal switch function as Scene Mode. By default, the MFC-101 Switches 1-5 are Preset switches. This means by default Switch 1= Preset 1 Switch 2= Preset 2 Switch 3= Preset 3 Switch 4= Preset 4 Switch 5= Preset 5 However, every Preset Switch also has an underlying Instant Access (IA) or Effect function as well. Pressing the Reveal Switch temporarily “reveals” these functions, which can also be described as turning a Preset Switch into an IA Switch while in Reveal Mode. The IA functions of Switches 1-5 just so happen to be Scenes 1-5. So at default settings, pressing the Reveal switch will change Switches 1-5 to Switch 1= Scene 1 Switch 2= Scene 2 Switch 3= Scene 3 Switch 4= Scene 4 Switch 5= Scene 5 It is this function – the changing of Presets to Scenes using the Reveal switch...

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About the site’s name – We know Axe-Fx actually has a Hyphen in it!

So when I was deciding on a name for this project, I wanted something that was immediately apparent.  “Axe-Fx Tutorials” seemed to do the trick. However, the proper spelling is actually “Axe-Fx” with a hyphen. But because this is the internet and due to how people interpret words, I decided to take the hyphen out of my website name.  Otherwise it might go something like this: “Hey have you visited Axe-Fx Tutorials dot com?” “Yeah I tried, but the site didn’t load.” “Oh, you have to go to Axe HYPHEN Fx Tutorials dot com.” “OHHHHHHHH” 🙂 Yeah I could...

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What is the difference between the MFC-101 Mark I, Mark II and Mark III?

The MFC-101 is Fractal Audio System’s MIDI Foot Controller intended for use with the Axe-Fx line of products. Summary of Differences Mark I: Original Version Mark II: Changed ethernet jack to etherCON jack Mark III: Upgrade to Silent Solid State switches, FASLINK jack added Mark I The first version, now known as the Mark I, was announced in September 2010. This version is fully compatible with all Axe-Fx products as of October 2014 including the Axe-Fx II XL, Axe-Fx II Mark II and Axe-Fx II Mark I. There are 17 “IA” switches which can be programmed to be Preset changes (starting from Switch 1) or Instant Access switches that can be programmed to control various parameters. There are 4 additional switches for System functions like Bank/Preset Up/Down, Edit mode and Reveal/Looper mode. There are 4 ports for connecting Expression Pedals and 2 ports for connecting External Switches – up to 4 switches can be used with TRS or TRS-TS Y cables. To interface with the Axe-Fx II line, there is an ethernet port for use with a standard CAT5-RJ45 cable that connects to the ethernet port on the Axe-Fx II (Mark I, Mark II & XL).  Using and Ethernet cable from the Axe-Fx II to the MFC-101 will provide power to the MFC-101, so no power adaptor is needed for the MFC-101. (In fact, you CAN’T and shouldn’t use the...

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Ethernet vs etherCON – Cat 5 vs Cat 5e vs Cat 6

Ethernet vs etherCON Cables Ethernet cables are the standard for computer networking and have an RJ45 connection at each end. Standard ethernet cables can be used for connecting all Axe-Fx II models to all MFC-101 models using the ethernet or etherCON ports. Crossover type ethernet cables should NOT be used. etherCON cables are basically ethernet cables with an XLR style locking housing around the RJ45 connector. Because the XLR style housing will lock, the “clip” found on ethernet cables should NOT be present! Axe-Fx II Mark II and Axe-Fx II XL models feature an etherCON port for use with...

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