Author: AFT-Chris

Axe-Fx III – My Gig Preset

Just a quick video showing the preset I made for my acoustic duo gigs. The Axe-Fx III sounds amazing live and it’s a pleasure to play. Forgot to clean my screen, sorry 😀 I’ll be re-doing soon and making videos about the Axe-Fx III. I am a Beta Tester for Fractal Audio Systems, so I’ve been testing the Axe-Fx III before it ships out to customers. Thanks for...

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Creating discreet Stereo Outputs to Delay only one side – Axe-Fx II

The Axe-Fx by default operates with true stereo outputs. Most of the blocks and effects are true stereo without having to change any settings. But there are some instances where we want specific control over the Left and Right signals, such as delaying one side by a few milliseconds to create a wide sound when using 2 speakers for true stereo.* In order to do this, we need to arrange a few things in the Layout. The key to getting the specific separation of the Left and Right outputs are the 2 Volume blocks at the end of the...

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LFO Bypass Reset – New Parameter, Quick Video

Firmware 18.06 brought a new parameter to the Flanger and Phaser blocks: LFO Bypass Reset.  An “LFO” is the mechanism responsible for the sound “sweeping” through the range you set in a flanger or phaser effect. Normal flanger and phaser effects are continually sweeping through this range the entire time, whether the effect is engaged or bypassed.  When you engage the effect, the sweep will be wherever it happens to be in that moment, since it was sweeping the entire time it was bypassed. So it may start on the low end of the sweep, in the middle, or...

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