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Axe-Fx III – My Gig Preset

Just a quick video showing the preset I made for my acoustic duo gigs. The Axe-Fx III sounds amazing live and it’s a pleasure to play. Forgot to clean my screen, sorry 😀 I’ll be re-doing soon and making videos about the Axe-Fx III. I am a Beta Tester for Fractal Audio Systems, so I’ve been testing the Axe-Fx III before it ships out to customers. Thanks for...

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Creating discreet Stereo Outputs to Delay only one side – Axe-Fx II

The Axe-Fx by default operates with true stereo outputs. Most of the blocks and effects are true stereo without having to change any settings. But there are some instances where we want specific control over the Left and Right signals, such as delaying one side by a few milliseconds to create a wide sound when using 2 speakers for true stereo.* In order to do this, we need to arrange a few things in the Layout. The key to getting the specific separation of the Left and Right outputs are the 2 Volume blocks at the end of the...

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Where can I find details about the _____ feature in the Axe-Fx?

In addition to the User Manual and Release Notes (RTFRN), the Axe-Fx II Wiki is the best place for details, tips and tricks and features of the Axe-Fx II.  Much of the information is compiled from the Fractal Audio forum, with many contributions from Cliff Chase himself, creator of the Axe-Fx. Forum user Yek created and maintains the Wiki, with help from M@ and SC09. A very helpful section is Yek’s How To’s available here: Another helpful page is this post on the Fractal Audio...

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How do I send my Axe signal to a PA system and to a Guitar Amp and Cab at the same time?

Many people like to have their Axe-Fx tone and effects play through their favorite guitar amp and cab on stage for the “amp in the room” sound as opposed to the “studio recorded” sound that the full-range Axe-Fx signal can produce through a full-range monitor speaker. Additionally, instead of mic’ing their cab as they would with a traditional amp/cab setup, they want to send the full-range Axe-Fx signal to the front-of-house (FOH) mixer for the audience to hear. This can be done by having 2 sets of outputs: one with a cabinet simulation (Cab block) and another without a cabinet simulation (going to the on-stage amp and cab). To do this, you’ll have to place the FX Loop block in all of your presets and use Output 2 to send the non-cab-sim’d signal to your amp and cab. Output 1 will be used for the full-range signal with the cab sim. The Basics First create your full-range setup. This should have a Cab block in the layout. Most presets are created with the Cab block immediately following the Amp block. This is logical, as there is usually nothing in between a physical amp and cab. However, in the Axe-Fx, the Cab block doesn’t need to be placed directly after the Amp block. You can have Shunts (the blank connected spaces) or other blocks like Delay or Reverb placed in...

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