FAS released Firmware 3.60 for the FX8 today. This version contains a major update with how the FX8 and FX8-Edit work together. FX8-Edit 1.4.2 was also released.

FX8 and FX8-Edit

3.60 brings an important change to how FX8 and FX8-Edit work together. Previously, when you click on a block in the Effects page in FX8-Edit, the connected Hardware LCD screen would change to that block’s edit screen. With 3.60, this is no longer the case, as now the two interfaces have been separated. This means if you have a Compressor’s Gain Reduction meter showing on the Hardware LCD, you can change to different blocks all you want in FX8-Edit and the GR meter will stay on the Hardware LCD!

An exception to this is when you move or add/delete blocks in the Effects page on FX8-Edit – the Hardware LCD screen will change to the last loaded “Main” screen, like FS, CFG, etc. So as long as you are just editing the parameters within blocks and clicking in and out of them, rather than designing the Preset and moving/adding/deleting blocks, your Hardware LCD shouldn’t change!

The main reason for this separation though is to reduce or eliminate audio dropouts due to USB communication when FX8-Edit would force the Hardware to change. You’ll notice that the audio will be mostly uninterrupted when clicking to different blocks and changing parameters. All of this is a great addition to the workflow.

As mentioned, FX8-Edit 1.4.2 is available for download or auto-update.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

A cool addition is now we are able to assign the same block to more than 1 of the 8 main switches. This is most useful when making one switch a Latching type, and the other a Momentary type. So you could quickly tap and let go of a Drive block with the Momentary switch, or engage it for a while without having to hold it with the Latching type. Note that you could technically make all 8 switches the same block, but this really doesn’t accomplish anything.

Many bugs have been fixed since FW 3.52, but some of the notable fixes are that Control Switches now honoring the ON state in the Default Scene when changing Presets, and that the SCENE, ENTER, PAGE, EXIT, EDIT, and STORE buttons now work correctly while on the LOOPER screen. See the full Release Notes below for more.

FAS Thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fx8-v3-60-released.119263/


Note that these links are direct links provided by Fractal Audio. If these links no longer work, FAS has removed the files. At this time, AFT.com does not store Firmware and other files. Please visit the Archive at AxeFx.fr to look for older versions.

Release Notes


  • All operation of FX8-Edit is now separate from the operation of the front panel. NOTE: any changes made on the front panel of the FX8 while FX8-Edit is attached will still cause a refresh of the editor.
  • Removed the Footswitch grid restriction of allowing the same block on multiple footswitches. Now that footswitches have the ability to be latching or momentary, it can adventitious to attach both a latching (for both BYPASS and X/Y Toggle) to a block, while allowing the BYPASS to be assigned to a momentary switch at the same time.
  • Added TILTEQ, LOWSHELF2, HIGHSHELF2, and PEAKEQ2 to the Filter block.


  • Buttons (SCENE, ENTER, PAGE, EXIT, EDIT, and STORE) now work correctly while on the LOOPER screen.
  • CS1 and CS2 now correctly load the default state on a preset change.
  • The Filter on Voice 2 of the Synth block works correctly now.
  • Adding a controller to a modifier with FX8-Edit correctly lights the edit LED.
  • Panning all the way right with Pan parameters other than the Balance no longer mutes the output on the following effect blocks:
    • Pitch
    • Multi-Tap
    • Enhancer
    • Delay
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