A recent thread on the forum asked if the AX8 will include the Synth block. Cliff responded:

I’m pretty sure it has the Synth block.


This may not seem like a major addition, but it does confirm that the AX8 possibly has features and blocks that are NOT included on the FX8 currently, or perhaps suggests that the FX8 may get some new things. Many people believe the AX8 to simply be an FX8 plus Amp Modeling, but this quote shows that it just might not be…

There is a chance that it WON’T have the synth block though, according to this post on The Gear Page:

I said “pretty sure”. Not definite. I will have to check with Engineering to see if it made it in there but I’m “pretty sure” they told me it had.


So we’ll just have to wait and see!

Cliff recently stated that the AX8 will be shipping “any day now,” so we are very close to learning everything about this exciting new unit!

You can read everything we know about it so far here: https://axefxtutorials.com/2015/10/ax8-everything-we-know-october-2015/

And you can read about signing up for the waitlist here: https://axefxtutorials.com/2015/10/ax8-waitlist-announced/

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