Month: March 2015

USB Playback is very quiet or silent after updating Firmware to 18.01 or higher

Firmware 18.01 introduced a new parameter in the I/O-Audio menu on the Front Panel of the Axe-Fx II. It is called the “USB Return Level” and controls the sound returning from the computer to the Axe-Fx when using the Axe-Fx as a USB Audio Interface.  This sound could be iTunes, Spotify, your DAW like Cubase or Pro Tools, and even regular computer notification sounds. If your firmware is anything before FW18.01, when you update to anything FW18.01 or higher, this new parameter will be set to a very low value of -60 dB and must be manually changed.  With the...

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Preset Makes No Sound – What Do I Do?

Timestamps for the video: 0:35 – EMPTY Cab Block; 4:41 – Modifiers; 8:59 – Low Level in a block The Axe-Fx II allows users to export and share presets they’ve made with other Axe-Fx II users. You can download and search for presets on the Axe-Change, or you might download a preset from the FAS forum. Sometimes a preset you install onto your Axe-Fx II loads ok, but there is no sound. Here are the 3 most common reasons: Cab Block has an Empty User Cab selected The Axe-Fx II has a bunch of Factory Cab simulations available in the Cab block,...

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