The Looper block in the Axe-Fx II is a great feature for any musician, especially soloists. In this video I show you how to add a Looper block to your preset for both live performance and creating tones. I also describe some of the important parameters in the block, some tricks I use when playing live. I finish up with some basic looping techniques and concepts.
00:00 Intro
00:27 Adding to your preset for live performance
01:51 Using the MFC-101 in Looper Control Mode
03:52 Switching Presets while looping
05:43 Switching Scenes while looping
07:18 Looper block last vs first
09:21 Using the Looper to help build tones and presets
11:40 Important Looper block parameters – Mode
13:39 Mix parameter
15:16 Rec & Play quick switches – custom setup
18:13 Immediate Play – Turning it Off
20:12 Basic Looping concepts
28:45 Overdubbing – quick example

Stereo Undo – 15 seconds
Mono Undo – 30 seconds
Stereo – 30 seconds
Mono – 60 seconds

Mono mode collapses recordings to Mono. Live guitar remains in Stereo to the Axe outputs.

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Chris is a guitarist and drummer in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has been using the Axe-Fx since 2007, starting with an Axe-Fx Ultra, and now the Axe-Fx II. He has been helping people successfully use their FAS gear for years and the creator of many video tutorials as Katsu Kuri Media.

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