Month: December 2011

Global Blocks – Axe-Fx II

One of my favorite features of the Axe-FX II is Global Blocks. This allows you to save the configuration of any block to one of 10 save slots and quickly load those values to a new block of the same type. ┬áMore importantly though, you can link blocks of the same type across as many patches as you want! When you make a change in a Global Block in any of these patches every other patch with a linked block will be automatically updated Let’s say you have 2 presets and you want to use a Delay1 block with...

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Using 2 guitars with 1 Axe-Fx

Update 12-22-11 – If you use a Pitch block in one of the rows, be sure to set the Pitch Source to Local Mono. If you don’t, signal from the other input will feed into the wrong row and sound funky! Thanks to Bakerman on the forum for this tip. UPDATE 12-19-11 – You can use Volume blocks instead of Mixer blocks (thanks to Stringer76 on the forum). I’ll show this at the bottom of the article. I’ll also show using 2 Amp blocks. For years I’ve been playing Ernie Ball John Petrucci guitars both because I’m a huge Dream Theater fan and because it’s such a great guitar! Playing music on Oahu, there is always a demand for an Acoustic Guitar sound. I knew I wanted to play an Electric Guitar and have certain chorus cleans and distortion tones, but I didn’t want to switch back and forth between an electric and acoustic. Ernie Ball guitars have a Piezo option which includes a 2nd pickup system that has a separate output and creates an acoustic guitar sound. You can either blend the 2 sounds from the guitar into the same cable/signal, but acoustic guitar usually doesn’t sound good through an electric guitar setup. So you have the option of running 2 cables (or a specialized Y cable) to separate the electric and acoustic sounds to different amps. This...

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