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Controller Value Charts – Axe-Fx II

This page lists the percentage value to use for a Controller when you want a particular value when attaching a Modifier to a parameter. The most common parameter types are included here. For example, a value of 8 seconds in the Time parameter of the Reverb block would translate to a Controller value of 39.7%. This is most useful for Scene Controllers introduced in Firmware v12, but applies to all Controllers in the Axe-FX. IMPORTANT – All values other than Source, Damping and Auto-Engage functions must be at Default settings for the following charts to be effective. Please watch my Scene Controller – Basics video to see the concept behind calculating these values. For values that aren’t on this chart, use the following formula to calculate the Controller % value. Range = Max – Min (Desired  VALUE) – (Min) = X X/Range = Controller % Example: Reverb Time Parameter: Desired value of 5 seconds Min = .10 Seconds, Max = 20 Seconds 20  – .10 = 19.90 5 – .10  = 4.9 4.9/19.90 = .246 = 24.6% Note – This formula does not work for logarithmic and other non-linear parameters, such as Frequency, Q, Rate, and Trim, among others. It’s best to tune the Controller % value “by ear.” Synth Frequency has been manually calculated for your convenience. Parameter Type: Percentage – 0 – 100% 0 – 10 Value Decibels -80...

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Presets, XY Switching, and Scenes in the Axe-Fx II – In-Depth 1 hour Premium Tutorial

The Axe-Fx has many features that make it one of the most powerful tone generation units for guitar available today. In addition to the highly detailed amp modeling and cabinet IR accuracy, features like XY Switching and Scenes make the Axe-Fx II very powerful and flexible. While the functions of XY Switching and Scenes, in addition to Presets, are easy to use and setup, the concept behind each one can be confusing at times. One reason may be that all 3 functions can be used to accomplish the same task sometimes – which is the best to use then?...

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