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Axe-Fx II FAQ Common questions about the Axe-Fx II This FAQ has been compiled by Most answers are in our own words, which may not be the exact technical explanation, but rather a quick/easy explanation as to what’s happening and/or how to solve the problem. We will try to pull in links from the Forum and Wiki when possible. General FAQ Axe-FX II Version 9.00 – Scenes Explained Backup, Install, and Rollback Firmware on the Axe-Fx II Creating a Volume Boost with the Axe-FX II and MFC-101 Ethernet vs etherCON – Cat 5 vs Cat 5e vs Cat 6 Importing Block files into FAS Gear and Saving Presets as Block files to share among Devices (Axe-Fx II, AX8, FX8) LFO Bypass Reset – New Parameter, Quick Video Preset Makes No Sound – What Do I Do? Presets, XY Switching, and Scenes in the Axe-Fx II – In-Depth 1 hour Premium Tutorial Scene Controllers in the Axe-FX II – Basics Setting the Input Level – Axe-FX II USB Playback is very quiet or silent after updating Firmware to 18.01 or higher What is the difference between the Axe-Fx II (Mark I) and the Axe-Fx II Mark II? What is the difference between the Axe-Fx II and the Axe-Fx II XL? Where can I find details about the _____ feature in the Axe-Fx? Why are my Axe-Fx Clip Lights turning...

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