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Author: Chris

Axe-Fx III – My Gig Preset

In this video, I show the main Preset I use at my gigs. I mostly play in acoustic duo setups, so it’s a lot of clean sounds. Occasionally I can get away with some high gain sounds, but they need to be pretty dark to fit in with the other acoustic guitar. The Axe-Fx III sounds amazing! (I am a Beta Tester for Fractal Audio Systems, which is why I have an Axe-Fx III before it has started shipping to...

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Importing Block files into FAS Gear and Saving Presets as Block files to share among Devices (Axe-Fx II, AX8, FX8)

The Edit software from Fractal Audio makes it easy to import individual Block files from other users’ Fractal Audio products with a simple drag and drop. If you additionally want to store any Block and its settings for later recall using the Edit software, there is a Block Library feature that can do just that. This tutorial shows an Axe-Fx II and Axe-Edit primarily, but the process is the same for an AX8 with AX8-Edit, or an FX8 with FX8-Edit. Method 1 – Loading the Block only If you want to simply add the Block to your current Preset...

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Premium Video – AX8 Beginner’s Guide

Get it nowBest ecommerce platform This comprehensive Beginner’s Guide video is intended for those new to Fractal Audio products or the AX8 and modelers in general, though some who are already using the AX8 might learn some of the fundamentals they may be missing. This 1 hr 40 min video is designed to explain things right at the beginning of your AX8 experience, rather than quickly skipping over basic concepts only to lead to more questions later. That said, this is intended to be a beginner’s guide and can’t possibly cover everything in detail. Look for future videos covering...

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Axe-Fx II in the Loop of the AX8 – 4 Cable Method – Proof of Concept

I was working on things for a client today, and I needed to test the 4 Cable Method. I don’t have an amp, so I put the Axe in the loop of the AX8 – the AX8 is the “real amp” in this example. Though I was just trying to simulate the real amp, this setup would allow you to do crazy things like 3 amps, 3 cabs, and tons of effects. This isn’t really a tutorial like some of my other videos, but just a proof of concept and something fun I recorded while working...

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AFT’s First Look at the AX8

In this excerpt from my live stream, I check out the new AX8 amp modeler by Fractal Audio and go through the presets I made to help people learn how to use it. I show some new features such as the programmable Footswitches and Function Switches and answer some questions from the chat. This was my first stream with the AX8, so I’m just starting to figure out what to talk about and what to show. I plan on creating specific lessons and breaking down the AX8 into sections such as Footswitch Layouts for different presets and situations...

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