AX8-Edit 1.4.1 was released today with a new feature and many bug fixes. Be sure to read our AX8 FW 4.00 article for more details on an important change between Hardware and Edit.

Note that 1.4.1 requires AX8 Firmware Quantum 4.00 or newer.

Download the latest version on the Fractal Audio website:

Release Notes

New Features:

  1. Removed restriction from “Preset Footswitches” and “Global Footswitches” to allow the same block to be reused in the grid. This allows for the same block to be both a Momentary footswitch as well as a Latching footswitch.
  2. Removed the command “Change to the AX8 FS screen” from the Tools menu. Removed Preferences option “Change the AX8 to the FS page when pausing communications”. These features are no longer applicable with the firmware 4.00 changes.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed a bug in the Block menu “All Scenes” in which any of the actions (Bypass, Engage, Set to X, Set to Y) would return the device to scene 1 upon completion but leave the editor at the last selected scene. Now both the device and the editor are returned to the last selected scene upon the completion of an “All Scenes” action.
  2. Added missing Drive parameter to Multi-Delay types Quad-Tap, Plex Delay, and Quad Tape Dly.
  3. Removed the “Pick Attack” parameter from the Amp block. The parameter, while included in the AX8 user interface, was not functional in the Amp calculation.
  4. Removed the “Sidechain Select” parameter from the Gate block. The parameter, while included in the AX8 user interface, was not functional in the Gate calculation.
  5. Modified the Phaser’s “Bulb Bias” parameter to show or hide based on the selection of the Phaser’s Mode parameter (it was incorrectly showing/hiding based on the Phaser’s Type).
  6. Fixed a bug in the updating of the editor’s local list of preset names. Immediately after saving a preset, the editor now queries the saved preset’s name so that the editor and the device stay in sync.
  7. In the AMP block, the “Saturation Switch” parameter now responds to the Modifier shortcut key ‘M’.
  8. Corrected “Export Preset to CSV” such that only the blocks that are currently in the preset are exported (including the Input/Output Gates, and Controllers). The previous version would incorrectly export blocks that were deleted from the preset during an editing session.
  9. Removed the “LFO1 Master” parameter from the Multi-Delay type “Quad Tape Dly”. This parameter appeared in the editor but not on the device.
  10. In AxeManage:Presets, auditioning a preset from the Browser pane no longer moves the keyboard focus to the right-hand memory pane.
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