I created a Bank (8 presets) for the AX8 that range from Clean to Lead tones. They are designed as a starting point for a range of gain/tones, and also to show some different effects and different ways to arrange the Footswitches. You will most likely have to adjust EQ somewhere to match your setup and playing volume.

These Presets were made with an Ernie Ball Majesty guitar, a high output 2 Humbucker guitar, going direct to PA style full-range speakers. If the presets sound like they have less gain than they should, please increase the Drive parameter in the Amp block as desired.

Most effect blocks only have an X state unless otherwise noted. Scenes are used as noted.

I’ve also included 3 additional presets. The first is a “Space Verb” preset that I modified from the Axe-Fx II for use with the AX8. Scene 1 is intended to just be the “pad” sound. Scene 2 brings in a clean/chorus electric guitar. Scene 3 brings in a lead tone. Use an expression pedal on either volume block to control what you want.

The other 2 presets are copies of my “Dual Input” preset for use with a Dual output guitar with Magnetic and Piezo pickups. Your Mag pickups output would go into Instrument In (In 1) and your Piezo pickups output would go into In 2 (FX Loop Return). The “M-P” preset was the original preset I designed for sharing. The “2-5-16” is the most recent version of my main gig preset. Explore Scenes 1-5. Note that Pedal 4 is controlling the Volume block.

Download the presets as a Free Product on my Selz shop: http://bit.ly/213wwU2

If you do like and use these presets, please consider a small donation at my StreamJar page, as it took a bit of time to put everything together. Thanks!

Clean to Lead Bank Info:

x-1 – AFT Clean
S1 – Shiver Clean Amp, Comp, Reverb
S2 – Shiver Clean Amp with Ruckus Drive
S3 – Shiver Clean Amp with Phaser
S4 – Shiver Clean Amp with Delay, longer Reverb
S5 – Double Verb SF Amp, Comp, Reverb
S6 – Double Verb SF with TS808 Drive
S7 – Double Verb SF Amp with Phaser
S8 – Double Verb SF Amp with 1/8th note Delay, longer Reverb
Filter block available for 4 dB boost
Amp, Delay, Drive and Reverb have different Y values
Uses the Scene 1/2 Toggle for quick Clean/Distortion change with no gap!

x-2 AFT Effect Clean
S1 – USA Pre Clean, Comp, Chorus, Reverb
S2 – Add Delay
S3 – Add Tremolo, no Delay
S4 – Add Multi-Delay for Shimmer, no Trem or Delay

No different Y values for any blocks
This preset uses Scene Footswitch Blocks for direct access

x-3 – AFT Low Gain
A low-gain Preset that should be just on the edge of breakup. Adjust the Input Drive parameter in the Amp block to get it just right for your guitar. Amp X is the Band-Commander and Amp Y is the Suhr Badger 30x.
S1 – Band-Commander Amp, Reverb (High Quality)
S2 – Detune Pitch effect, switch Reverb to Normal Quality (Y-State)
S3 – TS808 Drive, Delay, Reverb (High Quality)
S4 – Comp, Octave Pitch Effect (Single notes only), GEQ to control Low end
Scenes 5-8 are the same except use the Suhr Badger 30 Amp
Scene 7 uses the Zen Master Drive type
Filter block available for 4 dB boost
Drive, Amp, Pitch, and Reverb Blocks have different Y values

x-4 AFT Mid-Crunch
A little more gain than Low Gain. Use the AXY Switch to choose between the Boutique 1 Amp and the Mr Z MZ-38 Amp.
S1 – Boutique 1 Amp, Comp, Reverb
S2 – Phaser/Vibe before amp
S3 – Plus Dist Drive
S4 – Esoteric RCB Drive, Delay
Drive and Amp blocks have different Y values

x-5 – AFT High-Crunch
A Higher Gain Crunch Preset featuring the Supertweed and Brit JM45 amps. This preset only has 2 Scenes and features the Scene 1/2 Toggle Footswitch block. All other effects can be turned on/off using their Footswitches as well.
S1 – Supertweed Amp and complimentary Cab
S2 – Brit JM45 Amp and complimentary Cab
Only Amp and Cab have different Y values
PEQ available as Mid/Volume boost

x-6 – AFT High Gain 1
This Preset features 2 High Gain Amp sounds – Friedman HBE and CA OD-2. Use the AXY Switch to change between the Amps, and use the Effect Footswitches to bring in a few effects.
This Preset only uses Scene 1.
Only the Amp block has a different Y value.

x-7 – AFT High Gain 2
This Preset features 2 different High Gain Amp sounds – Brit JVM ODS OR and 5153 100W Red. Use the AXY Switch to change between the Amps, and use the Effect Footswitches to bring in a few effects.
This Preset only uses Scene 1
Only the Amp block has a different Y value.

x-8 – AFT Lead
This preset is a little louder than the others to cut through as a Lead tone.
S1 – Recto1 ORG Norm Amp, Stereo Cabs, Dual Delay in Stereo
S2 – Same as 1 but adds a Tremolo effect to just the Delay trails
S3 – CA Tucana Lead Amp, Mono Cab, Reverb
S4 – Recto setup with a Filter Block as an Envelope Wah, different Delay
S5 – All Effects ON! Filter, Chorus, Delay, Trem, Reverb
Only Amp, Cab, and Delay have a different Y value
This preset uses Scene Footswitch Blocks for direct access

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