FAS just released Quantum Firmware 1.01, our first update since the brand new Quantum Firmware 1.00! Cliff refers to it as a “minor update” and you can see the Release Notes below for the details. One of the items is “Reduced CPU usage,” and we made a spreadsheet that compares QFW 1.01 to QFW 1.00, showing the changes in CPU.

When asked if the CPU reduction affects quality in anyway, Cliff said

There is no change to the algorithms. The reduced CPU usage is due to improvements in coding so as to minimize any pipeline stalls and low-level function overhead.


Forum member “npx” reported this regarding CPU:

I just loaded it, and my main gigging preset that was previously hovering around 84-85% CPU on Quantum 1.00 is now 79-80%. Very nice!

Also noticeably quicker boot time, with the shorter Quantum splash screen on startup. Thanks Cliff!

“Etudica” said this:

I’ve been working on a patch all evening and was pushing … 86% last time I checked. Then I noticed the update, applied immediately, and the same patch is now at 79%.

QFW 1.01 has a new Global Modeling Version parameter that allows you to choose between QFW 1.00 and QFW 1.01. Cliff said

Q1.01 models the power tube plate current slightly more accurately than Q1.00. It’s a subtle difference but some may prefer the more idealized sound of Q1.00 so I made it a menu option.




Cliff also just said “This should also fix the issue with MFC expression pedals not responding after bootup until a new preset is selected.” That issue has been reported since 1.00 came out, so it seems that’s solved!!

Jeff V. from the recently created Fractal Audio Users Group on Facebook reported that after installing 1.01, he turned on the Axe-Fx II and MFC-101, and expression pedals connected to the MFC worked immediately. The bug reported before required you to change presets to get the pedals working. YAY!

“Etudica” also said

Also, I noticed that scene switching works again when first powering up. I never mentioned it on here, but with 1.00 I would fire up my mark 1 with my original MFC, and I wouldn’t be able to switch scenes via MFC until I bounced around a few patches first. It would then work fine for the duration of the session. Not sure if it was fw related or not, but whatever it was it’s gone.

So it seems Quantum brought some weird things with pedals AND switches for some, but that now seems to all be fixed and working properly.

Regarding formatting of these Firmware Update articles, I am going to move the Release Notes section above the Download links to even further motivate people to read them before blindly installing 🙂

Release Notes

  • Fixed sending IR to a scratchpad location does not update if using Cabinet 2.
  • Fixed several mistakes in Herbie models.
  • Fixed timeout when backing up system data if preset has high CPU usage.
  • Improved CPU usage.

FAS Thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/105150-axe-fx-ii-quantum-rev-1-01-firmware-release.html


Note that these links are direct links provided by Fractal Audio. If these links no longer work, FAS has removed the files. At this time, AFT.com does not store Firmware and other files. Please visit the Archive at AxeFx.fr to look for older versions.

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