August 17, 2015

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Release Notes

New to FW 20.00 Public Beta

  • Greatly improved cathode follower model in Amp block. New model more accurately simulates dynamic resistance of follower. This results in a more pleasing distortion character and better feel, especially at high compression settings. The associated “CF Comp” parameter has been renamed “Preamp Comp” because most guitar players don’t know and don’t care what is a Cathode Follower. Due to the new follower model existing presets will be updated with new default compression, time and ratio values.
  • “G3’d” the Solo 99 models. Note that the actual preamp’s bright switch in the Lead mode is different than a typical bright switch and works after the gain stages. To simulate this set the Bright knob to around 4.0 dB.
  • Added four “JMPre-1” models based on a Marshall JMP-1 rack preamp. The existing “Brit Pre” model was not changed as it is used by several prominent “A-list” artists. Instead, four new models were added. The models with “BS” in the name indicate that the Bass Shift function is engaged. Note that the model defaults to the power amp simulation active. The power amp model is based on a typical Marshall 100W power amp of that era.
  • Added 512 more User Cab slots to XL and XL+ models.
  • Fixed a wrong DC bias in the Recto models. Probably not audible but done for sake of accuracy.

Seen first in FW 19.01 Public Beta

  • Added “Dephase” control to Cabinet block. This parameter controls a sophisticated process that removes the “phasiness” from IRs and can yield a more “in the room” experience. Note that the processing required is extreme and the control can have some lag. No extra CPU usage or audio latency, however, is incurred.
  • Added a new mode to the “Character” controls in the Amp block. A Char Type of “Dynamic” engages an exciting new mode of tone control. This can be used to fatten or scoop the tone as a function of picking strength. For example, set the Type to Dynamic, Char Freq to 450.0, Char Q to 0.7 and Char Amt to 4.0. This will cause the tone to get fatter and thicker as you play hard but without getting honky when playing soft.
  • “G3’d” the Vibrato Verb AA and AB amp models. Also added a “Vibrato Verb CS” model which is based on a Vibroverb Custom Reissue with the Mod switch on. Note that the Transformer Matching value for this model is based on the output transformer in the actual amp. Legend has it that SRV used a Bassman transformer which would lead to significant overmatching. To replicate this increase Xfrmr Match to around 1.8.
  • Fixed Dry Delay Shift parameter not working in Flanger block. The parameter has been renamed to Dry Delay and works differently (and more intuitively). The parameter now sets the delay time of the dry signal as a percentage of the maximum delay time of the wet signal. For classic thru-zero flanging this parameter should be set to 50%. For interesting new sounds experiment with lower or higher values. Note that this parameter has no effect if Through Zero is set to Off.
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