FAS released Firmware 1.02 for the FX8 Multi-Effects processor today. There are more Drive pedals G3’d than the previous Public Beta, but not all are converted. It also include some bug fixes.

FX8-Edit 1.0.2 has also been released, which is fully compatible with the new 1.02 for the FX8. It’s not clear if the firmware was held until the Editor was ready, but this would be a welcomed expectation.

FAS Thread: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/fx8-discussion/100596-fx8-v1-02-release.html


Release Notes


  • Added remaining “G3” drive blocks.
  • Enhanced the delay block to make the “drive” parameter more responsive.
  • Fixed two bugs in the multitap delay block that prevented the use of modifiers and to correctly processes filter frequencies 2 and 4.
  • Fixed a bug in scene changes to correctly update the noisegate, looper, and outputs.
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