Axe-Edit 3.2 was released today. This is one of the more feature-packed updates that we’ve received.

When opening recent older versions of Axe-Edit, you will be prompted to download the installer and update. If not, you can go to the FAS site to download:

I have also updated my Latest Info page with this version and links to download.


FW 19 Support

The interface was updated with full support for Firmware 19.00 released yesterday. The Drive block has the new Clip Shape parameter (only visible when Clip Type is set to Variable), and the Amp block has new parameters for Comp Type and Comp Clarity on the Dynamics page, while many other parameters were moved to other pages – see the full notes below for more details.

Get Sysex File Information

There is a new function called “Get Sysex File Information” in the Tools menu. Using this function brings up a file selector, and when you select a .syx file, a popup dialogue will appear showing details about that file. This is great so you can tell if a file is compatible with your hardware version of the axe, as well as what type of file it is – cab IR, preset, etc.

"Get Sysex File Information" shows that this is a Preset file for the Axe-Fx II

“Get Sysex File Information” shows that this is a Preset file for the Axe-Fx II

"Get Sysex File Information" shows that this is a Cab File

“Get Sysex File Information” shows that this is a Cab File


Snapshot Manager

There is a quick list Snapshot Manager added when you right-click on the Snapshot button, which loads the recent snapshots you’ve taken for easy and quick loading.  Note that this list is only populated from your current session, so when you close Axe-Edit, the list will disappear. The files are still on your computer; only the quick list is reset.

Right-clicking on the Snapshot button now shows a quick load list - here I only have 1 recent Snapshot

Right-clicking on the Snapshot button now shows a quick load list – here I only have 1 recent Snapshot


Support for Dump Preset + User Cab

Firmware 18.11 added a new export function called Preset + User Cab. At the time it was not functional without Axe-Edit support, but 3.2 solves that.

There is now an “Export Preset-Cab Bundle” option in the Preset menu. After choosing this function, you’ll be prompted for a place to save the file on your computer. This will create a .syx file that has the Preset information like usual, but it will also include any User Cabs used in the Preset.

The new Preset+User Cab export function

The new Preset+User Cab export function

Once you have a .syx file that is Preset+User Cab, you can import that file using the same techniques as before: Import from the Preset menu or drag and drop the file from your desktop to the title area in Axe-Edit. However, using Axe-Manage Presets and Axe-Manage Cabs will IGNORE the Cab and Preset data, respectively. So use Import or drag and drop to bring in the entire Preset with User Cabs.

After importing, this popup will appear:

Import dialogue for Preset+User Cab

Import dialogue for Preset+User Cab

Hit OK and then try the Preset. Note that the new User Cabs are loaded into the ScratchPad locations temporarily while you try the Preset.  If you want to Save this your Axe-Fx including the User Cabs, press the Save button and this screen will pop up:

This screen lets you save the new User Cabs to locations of your choosing

This screen lets you save the new User Cabs to locations of your choosing

In this particular example, I only had 1 User Cab in Cab 2 Left position.  Click on each WHITE item to change what Preset Number it will save to (or overwrite), and also what User Cab slot the new cab will save to (instead of the ScratchPad).

Once those are selected, press Save and you’ll have your new Preset and User Cabs saved and ready to go.


Read the full list of Release Notes below for all the changes in this version.


Important Notes!

In general after updating: If Axe-Edit does not connect to your Axe-Fx II, manually de-select and re-select the ports under Settings: Preferences: General.

If Axe-Edit does not show new Axe-Fx parameters after a firmware update, do a Block Definitions refresh under Settings: Preferences: Refresh

Release notes


  • Added full support for Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00.
    • In the Drive block, the “Basic” page now has the new parameter “Clip Shape” which is only visible when “Clip Type” is set to “Variable”.
    • In the Amp block, added new parameters “Comp Type” and “Comp Clarity” to the
      “Dynamics” page. “Preamp Bias” and “Preamp Hardness” were moved to the “Other” page. “Bias Excursion”, “Excursion Time”, “Recovery Time”, and “Pwr Amp Bias” were moved to the “Power” page.
  • Added “Get Sysex File Information…” to the Tools menu. This will display the product (Axe-Fx II, XL, XL+, etc.) and file information (Preset, Cab, System, Preset-Cab) for a Sysex file.
  • Added a simple Snapshot Manager to the right-click/CTRL-click menu of the Snapshot
    button. Recent snapshots appear in a “Load Snapshot” menu for easy access. The list is cleared when you re-start Axe-Edit, or when you manually select “Clear Snapshot List”. Files cleared from the list are NOT deleted from your computer, and can still be accessed using the usual “Import” methods. “Show Folder” also now works when the Axe-Fx is not connected.
  • Added support for the new Preset-Cab Bundle feature of Axe-Fx II (aka Dump Preset+Cabs). A “Bundle” combines both the preset and up to four user cabs in a single file. When you load a bundle, Axe-Edit asks where you want to save any attached cabs and then automatically updates the preset to refer to their new locations before saving.
    • To EXPORT a Bundle choose “Export Preset-Cab Bundle…” from the Preset menu. Important: If your preset’s Cab Block uses X and Y states in different scenes, only those cabs for the CURRENT SCENE will be part of the bundle.
    • To IMPORT a Bundle, press the IMPORT button and browse to your file, or drag-and- drop it on to the large yellow text of the main preset name area in Axe-Edit. At the moment of import, the preset and cabs are stored in temporary memory so you can audition before saving, as explained in an on-screen popup. (The popups can be disabled in Preferences, but you’ll still see a “bubble message” reminder.) If you like what you year, store the preset and cabs by choosing SAVE or SAVE TO NEW LOCATION. If you manually change cab selections before saving, you won’t be able to save the bundled cabs (just re-import and try again).
    • Axe-Manage: PRESETS ignores bundled cab data.
    • Axe-Manage: CABS ignores bundled preset data.


  • Fixed a bug in which the editor showed the parameter pages for the block’s X state and not the currently selected state.
  • Fixed a bug in the Block Library that prevented the importing of blocks into an Axe-Fx II XL+ that were made from an Axe-Fx II mark II or Axe-Fx II XL.
  • Changed the Mixer background of the Comp, X-Over, Wah, TremPan, MultiCp, FXLoop, and GateExp blocks to a two-column background. Swapped the Filter’s “Balance” and “Level” Mixer parameters so that they are now in the same order as all the other blocks with similar Mixer controls.
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