Firmware 18.06 brought a new parameter to the Flanger and Phaser blocks: LFO Bypass Reset.  An “LFO” is the mechanism responsible for the sound “sweeping” through the range you set in a flanger or phaser effect.

Normal flanger and phaser effects are continually sweeping through this range the entire time, whether the effect is engaged or bypassed.  When you engage the effect, the sweep will be wherever it happens to be in that moment, since it was sweeping the entire time it was bypassed. So it may start on the low end of the sweep, in the middle, or at the high end coming back down.  This is how the Axe-Fx II Flanger and Phaser blocks always functioned before this parameter was added.  This is also the same function as setting the new LFO Bypass Reset to “Off.”

The default setting of the new LFO Bypass Parameter is "Off"

The default setting of the new LFO Bypass Parameter is “Off”

But let’s say you wanted the Flanger or Phaser to always start at a particular place. That’s where the new LFO Bypass Reset comes into play.  The options are in degrees; 0, 90, 180, and 270.  With any of these settings, the “sweep” of the effect will be “ready and waiting” at a certain point when the block is bypassed. When you engage the block, it will start from that particular point every time.

Setting the LFO Bypass Reset to "0 Degrees"

Setting the LFO Bypass Reset to “0 Degrees”

In the video above, I show what each setting sounds like and demo using it in a familiar song. I basically try each setting and use the one that fits best.

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