Fractal has just released Firmware 3.07 for the MFC-101.

This is a REQUIRED update for those using an MFC-101 with an Axe-Fx II XL+. The “Plus” is a recent model of the Axe-Fx II that started shipping this month. The firmware also works for all other models of Axe-Fx II and MFC-101, so it is a suggested update for everyone.

Download at the Fractal Support site, or below in the Release Notes. I have also updated my Latest Info page, where you can find all the latest firmware and updates in one place.

Redo Your IA Assignments

The Release Notes below mention that you’ll have to redo your IA switch assignments since they added a new parameter. I’ve created a short excerpt from my “MFC Initial Setup” video that shows how to do this:

Additionally, if you have the MFC-Edit editor for the MFC-101 you can use the “Convert IA Switches to FW 3.07+” option off the Tools menu. Click here to learn more about MFC-Edit.

How to Update MFC-101 Firmware

I made a new video showing how to update MFC-101 firmware using some older footage, but I now show the recommended way using the Axe-Fx II USB Adaptor mode and Fractal-Bot:

Release Notes

March 13, 2015
Click here to download

  • Added support for Axe-Fx XL+ (now also the default option for “AXE FX MODE”)
  • Added support for new Rotary 1 XY and Rotary 1 XY Axe-Fx IA Switch functions.
    • IMPORTANT: You will need to re-do Axe-Fx II IA switch assignments after this update. Please note your current assignments before installing 3.07
      To edit Axe-Fx I A Switch Assignments, press EDIT, MIDI (#4) then Page right (#7) 7x.
  • 3. Fixed a bug where Scene LED was not working correctly with Bank Size 0.
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