Axe-Edit 3.1.9 was released today. It adds the Preamp Tube Type parameter introduced in FW 18.04, and fixes a bug when renaming things in Axe-Manage. Axe-Edit now notifies you of an available update when you open the program and are connected to the internet.

As with 3.1.8, for Windows Users, previously there was an installer for Windows 8 and a separate installer for Windows 7, Vista and XP.  With this release, there is now an installer for Windows 8, 7 and Vista, and a separate installer for XP.

Firmware 18.00 or newer is REQUIRED for this version of Axe-Edit.

If you are on FW17 or older, do NOT install this version!

Go to the FAS site to download:

I have also updated my Latest Info page with this version and links to download.

Release notes state


1. Added support for Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.04.


1. Corrected an issue in Axe-Manage’s Rename functionality that displayed the newly entered name but did not mark it in RED as a pending change when clicking away from the edit box.

Important Notes!

In general after updating: If Axe-Edit does not connect to your Axe-Fx II, manually de-select and re-select the ports under Settings: Preferences: General.

If Axe-Edit does not show new Axe-Fx parameters after a firmware update, do a Block Definitions refresh under Settings: Preferences: Refresh

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