And now he’s broke! Hahaha. Well it’s worth every cent! I’m reposting this from my personal blog. Just before I started, I started a new personal blog; but then I got the idea for AFT and worked on that for 3 weeks straight!  This post doesn’t really belong on that blog, so I’m starting a new Blog section on AFT 🙂


So I’ve been using the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II for a while. It’s the best guitar processor out there!  I’ve also used their MFC-101 to control it since it came out, before that the Rocktron All Access LE (discontinued, now it’s the MIDI Raider).


But now it’s time for a crazy major upgrade! Most MIDI Controllers like this have switches for different things changing sounds/presets, adding effects, and other things like that. But usually a switch can only do one thing forever.  So switch #11 can turn on/off the Chorus effect, but that’s it.  And with 17 switches, you basically can only do 17 things.

I started adding other devices like my x32 Rack and other proof-of-concept tests, and although I could control them with the MFC-101, I ran out of available switches really quickly.

mmgt- box4

MMGT 16 powered directly with its power supply. Also ordered 7-pin MIDI cable and Phantom Power Box (to power via the MIDI cable, so all power stays back at the rack).

But I just received the RJM Mastermind GT 16! With the MMGT-16, any switch can be any control and there are multiple “Pages” which allow a switch to do multiple things! There’s up to 16 pages, so a switch can do 16 things. Also you can assign a Hold function to any switch and it can do a 2nd function! So basically, each switch can do (at least) 32 things! Multiply that by 16 switches (or 10 or 22 if you have those sizes) and that’s like… a lot of things per switch!

But how can you remember what switch does what, you may ask.  LCD SCREENS ON EACH SWITCH! Amazing! I think Liquidfoot Controllers did this before RJM, but RJM definitely improved on the design with slightly larger displays that can display larger text. The LCDs can show different colors as well for quick reference while you’re playing. So Preset switches can be green, Effects can be Blue, system functions can be purple or red, etc.

MMGT 16 powered by the Phantom Power box and 7-Pin MIDI cable - just need to connect a 5-Pin to the Axe-Fx II to control it.

MMGT 16 powered by the Phantom Power box and 7-Pin MIDI cable – just need to connect a 5-Pin to the Axe-Fx II to control it. This way you don’t need a source of power at the front of the stage just for the MMGT.

I’m so excited to get this unit! I’ve wanted it for a while, but now that I’m working more on my solo music ventures, a controller with a bit more… control is definitely needed!

The main drawback (if any) with something like this is the complexity with setup.  The MFC-101 is truly plug-and-play for most functions with the Axe-Fx II. But if you want more control and more options, you need to take more time to set things up – I think many people miss that part.  That said, RJM has made it EXTREMELY easy to set this thing up. It already has quick setup for many popular devices like Axe-Fx and Kemper as well as other RJM gear of course like the Rack Gizmo.  There’s also a computer editor, which I played with before this shipped, where you can setup everything and dump it via USB stick (which it came with a little one!) or computer connection.

MMGT Editor on Mac - so convenient!

MMGT Editor on Mac – so convenient!

Very excited to start programming this and using it at the next gig! Because of the lack of switches available on the MFC-101, or I guess I should say I just ran out of space, my sounds and performance has been just very simple: Looper, a few different sounds/scenes, a few effects on and off, and that’s it! But now I can have all my effects in the presets with a switch available on different pages… AND I can have different switch layouts with different presets! AHHH!

Alrighty, so for those who didn’t understand ANYTHING I said above, sorry 🙂 Just imagine that I just got a pizza with everything on it… PLUS every ice cream flavor for dessert… or something hahaha.

So… yeah! I’m gonna get into programming this thing.  Sweet!


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