Note: FAS released Public Beta 2 on February 24, 2015. The modified Bank A was created using the first Public Beta. It should still work the same on Public Beta 2, but if you are uncertain with the sound/tone, simply “reset” the Amp by selecting a different amp, then going back to the original in the preset. Here is a list of newly G3’d amps; there are a few presets in Bank A with these amps so you may want to reset them to be sure (Two Stone, Das Metall, etc.).

Earlier this week, FAS released a Public Beta of the upcoming Firmware 18 featuring G3 Modeling Technology. As with most new Firmware, changes in the underlying algorithms and modeling can make presets sound different, ranging from subtle to huge changes.  With FW18 also updating the Amp Modeling classification from “Generation 2 (G2)” to G3, you can bet that many presets will sound different.

And many people have found that their presets are indeed different.  About half of the amp models have been updated to G3, but all amps are already benefiting from the changes to the underlying general amp algorithms. With this, some amps have become louder in volume while others have become softer. New defaults for knob positions have been established for some amps, such as Master Volume, Depth and other advanced parameters.

Another change to existing presets is that any preset with the Rotary block in it will have that block Engaged in every Scene. This is an unavoidable circumstance when an effect block is completely rewritten – the Axe-Fx treats it as a newly added block, therefore engaging it in every Preset and Scene.

By now, many people have updated their Axe-Fx II firmware to the Public Beta, but have been finding it difficult to cope with the changed amp levels and Rotary block being Engaged in many presets.

To help with this, I have gone through Bank A of Factory Presets FW15 (the latest presets available today) and made some changes. I only worked on Scene 1, as Factory presets really don’t have more Scenes setup. Here is what I did:

  • Reset all amps using the “Update Amps All Presets” function in the Utility menu AND by selecting a different amp, then the original amp in the preset. This was to make most amp parameters reset to default settings and make sure the newest algorithms and settings were being used. (See this post for more details.)
  • Balanced all 128 presets (Scene 1 only) in Bank A to roughly the same volume using the new VU Meters in the Utility menu. This was done visually and by ear, so there still will be variation among all presets. But it should be much closer than stock.
  • Turned off Rotary block and all other non-essential effects except Reverb. Some presets highlight a certain effect and those were kept on. Again I only adjusted Scene 1.

I did NOT adjust any parameters such as Bass, Mid, Treble, Input Gain, Master Volume, etc. Any changes to those types of parameters happened because of the amp reset described above. I only adjusted the Output Level in the Amp blocks to balance the relative volume of presets.  (There are 2 exceptions where I did adjust the Input Gain for clean presets that were very, very quiet after updating, but this seemed too logical and unimportant to notate – so I forgot which presets they were haha.)

In my opinion, these presets are NOT the best example of what FW18 is capable of. Many of the settings that are not reset by my procedure above may not be the best settings for the new amps in FW18. For example, a setting of 8.52 for the Bass parameter may have sounded great in FW17, but may be too much or too little in FW18 due to the underlying changes.  I originally considered making slight changes to the presets, but simply resetting amps and balancing levels for 128 presets took me about 2 hours.  This post has taken about 4 hours from start to finish.  So adjusting parameters would have definitely taken forever 🙂

So why did I do this? Many people use the Factory Presets, and I wanted to provide them with something just a little bit better than presets from 3 Firmwares ago.  My modified Bank A will not clip the outputs, presets should be relatively close in volume to one another, and the Rotary will be turned off.

This Bank is intended for those who primarily use the Factory Presets in Bank A. If you have made your own presets and they “live” within slots 000-127 (or 001-128), then do not load the entire bank.  You can use the Import function in Axe-Edit to view the Bank and choose what presets to bring in one at a time to your currently selected Preset slot.

IMPORTANT – Loading this Bank A file will immediately and completely overwrite your current Bank A presets.  Bank A consists of Presets 000-127 or 001-128 if your Offset is turned on. Again, any presets within that range will be overwritten. I highly suggest backing up your current system using Fractal-Bot and then loading my Bank A also with Fractal-Bot or Axe-Edit.

Hopefully this will make it easier to play through the Factory Presets with Firmware 18 Public Beta.  Remember, Presets 000-127 or 001-128 will be immediately overwritten and gone for good. 

This is compatible with non-XL units, as it was created on an Axe-Fx II Mark I.

Click the button below to download the Bank .syx file

Bank A Factory Presets for Axe-Fx II – Modified by AxeFxTutorials – Warning: this will immediately overwrite your current Bank A! Backup your Axe-Fx before loading!

FAS mentioned that there will be a new set of Factory Presets for the official version of FW18, so we can all look forward to that.

Additionally, I made a list of all presets that have a G3 Amp in it. Any preset not listed here does not have a G3 Amp, but still went through the procedure I described above. Again, all amps have already benefitted from the new underlying modeling algorithms even if they are not “G3’d” yet.

This list is with the Offset turn ON.  If you have your Offset turned off, simply subtract 1 from the Preset number below:

001 59 Bassguy – 59 Bassguy
002 65 Bassguy – 65 Bassguy
003 Brownface – Vibrato Lux
004 Deluxe Verb – Deluxe Verb
005 Double Verb – Double Verb
007 Top Boost – Class-A 30W TB
008 Plexi Normal – Plexi 50W NRML
009 Plexi Treble – Plexi 50W High
010 1987x Treble – 1987X Treble
011 Brit 800 – Brit 800
013 USA Clean – USA PRE Clean
014 USA Lead – USA Lead BRT
015 Recto Vintage – Recto2 ORG VNTG
016 Recto Modern – Recto1 Red MDRN
019 Shiver Clean – Shiver CLN
020 Shiver Lead – Shiver LD
021 Euro Uber – Euro Uber
022 SOLO100 Crunch – SOLO 100 RHY
023 SOLO100 Lead – SOLO 100 Lead
024 Friedman BE – Friedman BE
025 Friedman HBE – Friedman HBE
027 CA3+ Clean – CA3+ Clean
028 CAE 3+SE Rhythm – CA3+ RHY
029 CAE 3+SE Lead – CA3+ Lead
030 Mr. Z 38 – MR Z MZ-38
031 Wrecker – Wrecker Rocket
032 Savageness – Angle Severe 1
039 ODS-100 Lead – ODS-100 HRM
040 The Brown Sound – Brit Brown
042 Boutique 1 – Boutique 1
049 Carol Ann – CA Tucana 3
057 5153 Blue – 5153 Blue
058 5153 Red – 5153 Red
060 Deluxe Tweed – Deluxe Tweed
061 Dirty Shirley – Dirty Shirley
062 Fox ODS – Fox ODS Deep
064 6160 Block – PVH 6160 Block
067 Wrecked – Wrecker Express
069 Badger 18 – Suhr Badger 18
070 Brit 800 Mod – Brid 800 Mod
072 Bassman About 2 Explode – 65 Bassguy NRML
073 Band Commander – Band-Commander
074 ODS100 Clean – ODS-100 Clean
075 Junior Blues – Jr Blues
076 Can you Hear it Ring? – Wrecker Rocket
077 Jumped Plexi – Plexi 50W Jump
078 Studio Lead – USA Lead BRT +
081 Fuzz Tweed – Deluxe Tweed
082 Hell’s Glockenspiels – Plexi 50W High
084 Prince Tone – Prince Tone Rev
085 Comet Concourse – Comet Concourse
086 Try Axes – USA Pre LD2 YLW
088 100W Plexi – Plexi 100W High
096 EJ Clean – Vibrato Verb
098 Thick & Chunky – Recto2 Red VNTG
099 Round Lead – Brit Brown
100 Studio Clean – USA Clean 1
105 AC-20 Deluxe Treble – AC-20 DLX TREB
106 Ruby Rocket – Ruby Rocket
107 Machine Gun – Plexi 50W Jump
108 Funk #49 – 5F1 Tweed
110 EVH Circa 1982 – Brit Brown
115 Deluxe Tape – Deluxe Verb
116 Sweet Child – Brit 800 & Plexi 50W High
117 So Many Roads – Plexi 50W High & ODS-100 HRM
118 Blues Aroncino – Plexi 50W High
119 Jim and Leo – 59 Bassguy
120 Cork Sniffers – ODS-100 HRM
121 Still Got the Blues – Brit 800
122 Back Line – Brit Brown & USA Lead
123 Mark Day’s HBE – Friedman HBE
124 Andy’s Message – Plexi 50W NRML
126 Dual Clean – USA Clean 1 & Double Verb
127 Plexi-AC – Plexi 50W Jump & Class-A 30W TB
128 Rackmount Preamps X2 – USA PRE LD2 YLW

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