Hey everyone! This is Chris; you might know from Katsu Kuri Media’s Blog or as Chris@KatsuKuriMedia on the Fractal forum.

I announced that I was stopping my production of FAS Gear tutorials and answering questions on the forum in late December 2014. A ton of messages and email came to me after that over the next month, some asking for more explanation, some suggesting what I should do instead and what I did wrong, and some just thanking me for what I did in the past.

I fully intended to leave it all behind, but as messages kept coming in over the weeks, I started thinking about things again.  Honestly, I really miss helping people. I think it’s in my nature to help out or teach people. Especially if it’s something I know and is “easy” for me, I enjoy sharing any knowledge I have.

So here it is: AxeFxTutorials.com! This site will focus on all Fractal Audio gear. Right now it’s just me, but I hope to get some others involved over time.

This site will be the home of my old video tutorials and soon I will work on new videos.  It will also host its own Forum specifically for troubleshooting. I’ll explain more about that once I get it going 🙂  I also plan to get my FAQ back up and post new articles discussing various aspects of the gear.  Finally, I’ll have a Live IRC Chat to help with support and to have a place to hang out and discuss anything like FAS gear, music, or whatever else we wanna talk about.

I also plan to have a KickStarter page to help me get all the FAS gear so I can help you guys! Right now I just have an Axe-Fx II Mark I 🙂

I’ll probably update this post as things are added, but for now, join me in my Live Chat – I’m not doing any support now, since I have to work on this website, but stop in and say hi and we can all just hang out.

I’m really excited to work on this project and hope I can get back to helping people out.  See ya!

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Founder at AxeFxTutorials.com
Chris is a guitarist and drummer in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has been using the Axe-Fx since 2007, starting with an Axe-Fx Ultra, and now the Axe-Fx II. He has been helping people successfully use their FAS gear for years and the creator of many video tutorials as Katsu Kuri Media.

You can support him and AFT.com with a donation to our StreamJar page: http://streamjar.tv/donate/axefxtutorials
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