The FAS Forum recently turned off Tapatalk access due to some technical difficulties.

Tapatalk is an app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android that allows logging into multiple forums and reading and replying a bit easier than with the mobile browser.

As of today, FAS has turned Tapatalk access back on, but some users are having difficulty loading and logging into the FAS forum.

If you are having this issue, you need to “Clear Cache.” ¬†Here’s how to do it on iPhone:



While in your Saved Forums list or “Profile” page, at the top right click the Gear icon (circled in yellow in this screenshot).




This will take you to the Settings page. Scroll down until you see Clear Cache (circled in red in this screenshot). It will ask if you are sure, click Yes and it will clear the old cache.

Now when you go back to your Profile page and choose the Fractal Forum, it should load for you.

Thanks to “unix-guy” for figuring this out and sharing it with everyone on the forum!

See the post and thread here:



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