UPDATE – The Release Notes section is now up to date with the latest FW 17.04!

I just added all release notes for the Axe-Fx II up to firmware 16.xx. There is a single page with all the notes, and also individual pages for each release.

With my updated Search, you can easily find out when things were added by searching for those specific phrases. Want to find out when the Axe Exposed PAN L and PAN R parameters in Volume block to modification? Just search for “Pan L and Pan R” or something similar and you’ll see 5.07 pop up!

Also, each individual post regarding a firmware update has been posted on (or near) the date of release. I was unable to find the release date for every firmware, but got most of them 🙂

I’ll be adding FW 17 notes soon.

If you have some time, head over to the full page of notes and read everything just to see how far it’s come since the initial release almost 4 years ago in June 2011!

Links to all release notes can be found on the Axe-Fx II FAQ page.

But click here for a direct link to the full page of notes.

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